Renew Your Health.

Would you like to ReNew Your Health in 90 Days?

Are you someone who is frustrated and struggling with health issues?

Perhaps you’ve been referred to a doctor but your condition is still unresolved or even left undiagnosed?

Maybe you’ve got a diagnosis but still feel unwell?

Perhaps you’ve lost faith in medicine altogether and don’t know where to turn?

This program is perfect for you:

  • If you are struggling with fatigue and want more energy
  • If you are in pain and want to move freely to exercise more and sleep better
  • If you are bloated and uncomfortable and want a perfect poo!
  • If you have brain fog and want to feel mentally sharp again!
  • If you are struggling with hormonal problems and want to feel sane again!
  • If you want smooth, supple, comfortable skin
  • If you want a more robust immune system
  • If you struggle to get started with making changes that you want to or know you have to make
  • If you are great at getting started but find it hard to stick to the recommendations
  • If you want to work with body, mind and energetic flow
  • If you want a complete holistic approach to wellness

I will teach you:

  • How to use Food as Medicine
  • How to make simple but powerful lifestyle changes
  • Powerful interventions to help you reduce stress and improve your emotional outlook
  • Key strategies to sustained energy and mood throughout the day
  • How to transform your thinking of “it’s too much effort to eat a healthy balanced diet”
  • How to make the changes to your diet simple and easy so you hardly notice that you are making them
  • Tangible steps that you can implement right away

What you will get from me:

  • 6 x 1 hour fortnightly appointments so we can make small incremental changes that “stick”
  • A multi-disciplinary approach – Nutritional Therapy education with a combination of other therapies, so your whole body and emotions are supported
  • Bespoke nutrition treatment plans that accounts for the WHOLE of you, this is a completely holistic approach
  • Done for you meal plans and recipes  taking into account your needs, but also your food likes and dislikes, how much time you have etc
  • Educations about your condition, what the potential causes/triggers are, so you have a complete understanding of yourself and feel empowered with how to move forward
  • Supplement advice – if necessary – it’s a minefield out there!!!
  • Lifestyle recommendations – to support improved energy levels and sleep etc
  • Years of clinical experience – I spent years studying this stuff and seen 100’s of clients so I know what works and what doesn’t and how to encourage you to make the changes you need to
  • Enthusiasm, passion, encouragement – I love working with my clients and helping them to achieve their health goals
  • A partnership in your health journey – it’s important that you have support in between appointments if necessary to be able to stick to the plan or make adjustments as we go
  • Confidentiality
  • Advice on Functional testing if necessary – this is a deeper look inside your body so we know exactly where your imbalances are.
  • Willingness to work with your Dr/Consultant or other health practitioner so we can work together to support your health
  • Non-judgemental space for your healing journey
  • Honest communication – I will be straight with you, and may even “kick you up the bum” at times
  • Commitment to your healing journey – I want you to get results as much as you do
  • A private Facebook group for support between appointments and additional information to help you on your journey to ReNewed Health
  • NES Scan and treatment – this speeds up the whole process
  • All the remedies you need – NES Infoceuticals, Australian Bush Flower Essence or Aromatherapy blend – Unfortunately I can’t factor in Nutritional supplements and Functional testing to the investment in this program. They vary in price such a lot and I don’t hold any in stock. This is a bespoke program and everyone needs something different. These are additional to the program investment. 
  • HeartMath techniques to help reset your nervous system and bring calm to your life
  • Numerology report – so you understand more about yourself
  • Results – as long as you do the work!
  • Email support in between appointments if necessary – during office hours


What I need from you:

  • Open minded & positive attitude
  • Full participation and willingness to follow my recommendations
  • Open communication about any struggles/challenges
  • Be mindful of your “gremlins” that stop you moving forward or self-sabotage behaviours that keep you stuck
  • Trust in the work we do together
  • Patience – this is a journey – there is no quick fix, it takes time for your body to adjust and regenerate

What to do next

Contact me to book a complimentary discovery call to see if this program is a fit.

For 80% of people who come through this program this is all you need. If you are in the 20% that have a complex case or have been unwell for quite some time, you will need further appointments. It can take time for your body to adjust.

Space is limited



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