Food Sensitivity Test.

Are you exhibiting any of the listed symptoms?

Do you regularly suffer from digestive problems, headaches, insomnia, congestion, fatigue, or skin issues?

If so, you or someone in your family may be intolerant to a particular food or non-food item.

Food intolerances are often associated with digestive difficulties regarding food groups such as dairy or gluten. Let us help you identify your food intolerances or sensitivities with a food intolerance test.

Intolerance & Sensitivity Tests for Food and Non-Food Items

Uncover the impact of food intolerances and sensitivities using our simple and convenient home-to-laboratory test. We can help you understand how food intolerances and sensitivities affect your daily lifestyle.

Let us help you get to the root of the problem with food intolerance testing.

  • 900+ Food & Non-Foods Tested
  • Dairy & Gluten Items Tested
  • Vitamin & Mineral Imbalance Test
  • E-Numbers Test
  • Metal Sensitivity Test
  • Gut Biome Test
  • Digestive Health Test
  • Hormones

How it works

Bioresonance Technology

Our process tests the cells of your hair, which carry an imprint of how your cells are currently functioning energetically.

Your hair is then tested against the pre-programmed items in built in to our quantum physics machines, to see how your cell would respond to that particular item. Whether it’s a particular food, skin care ingredient, our quantum physics machine picks up the disturbance.

We then understand what is causing the reproduction of unhealthy inflamed cells.

We give this knowledge to you. By taking out the item which is causing the inflammation, it gives your body’s cells the ability to reproduce healthy vibrant cells.
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