Find out if you have unfriendly bacteria and/or parasites

I’ve been quiet on the posting front for a while. I’ve been busy studying, as ever, but also implementing the use of Functional Testing into my practice as a Nutritional Therapist as it provides a much clearer, much more immediate picture of a clients needs and treatment. Functional testing uses stool analysis, hormones metabolism, adrenal stress profiles, optimal nutrition evaluation to paint a much more accurate picture of what’s going on internally.

I’ve been using these tests with some of my clients. One client, in particular was suffering with excessive bloating and wind. She was growing increasingly frustrated as she had tried cutting out different foods and had taken suggested supplements yet these steps hadn’t helped and her painful, not to mention embarrassing, wind problems persisted. We ran a Comprehensive stool analysis and Parasitology.

Her issue was she has 3 bad bacteria, 2 parastites, an overgrowth of Candia albicans and 1 of the beneficial bacteria isn’t growing at all.

So now that I have a much clearer window into what is going on in her gut I have put together a bespoke treatment plan to get rid of the nasties, heal and soothe her gut and then put the good stuff back in. She is super excited to make supportive dietary changes and get going on her “kill-off” plan, now that the guess work has been taken away.

If we hadn’t run this test we would have got there in the end, but it might have taken longer trying different protocols to get to the desired result of a comfortable gut.

Going deeper into my studies and learning all about the latest supplements and functional tests really excites me. Nothing beats the feeling for me when advising a client with proven, beneficial dietary steps and changes that will provide efficient healing, health and well being. No one should suffer longer than they have to.

Unfortunately even GP’s tend to guess what’s going on rather than test and even when they do, the tests they can run are not always comprehensive.

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